Wednesday 3 April 2013

A World of Writing - The 'Earth Pen'

Here is a pen that I just finished last night.  This one was for a very special recipient - my wife.  When I got my last shipment of interesting pen blanks in from Bear Tooth Woods, she immediately picked this out and requested that, eventually, I make a pen for her out of it.

Well, I was really rather curious to see how this material would look turned, so after finishing another project, I pulled this stuff out and started working on a pen for the most important pen person in the world.

Like the resin used in the 'Van Gogh' pen, this one was somewhat more brittle than acrylic, but I found it to be quite a bit less so than the 'VanGogh'.  Not sure why - maybe just because the garage is a bit warmer now...  In any case, it was a pleasure to work with this time, and took to threading very nicely.

I decided to try 'framing' the blue and green resin with black ends and a black grip section, in order to accentuate the colour.  Once I finished polishing this pen and shut down the lathe, I was shocked at the rich, beautiful swirls of green and blue - and it immediately reminded my of pictures of the Earth from space.  So, I called this one 'The Earth Pen'.  It is actually made in a similar style to my previous 'Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen', though just a touch longer in the barrel, as my wife doesn't need to carry her pens in a shirt pocket.

Got it fixed up with a fine steel JoWo nib, and a nice ball-end clip, and a converter now full of Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue, smoothed and tuned the nib, and passed it on to its new owner.  And I believe the new owner likes it :-))

Thanks for looking.



  1. Another nice one! For writing placid thoughts.

  2. Beautiful pen Ken! Would you be willing to share how you thread the pens, i.e., what tools you use specifically and tips? I really love the way they look with the acrylic going right into the threaded part. I've only used kits up to now but I've started making my own poly resin blanks.


    1. Hi Grant,

      Thanks very much! I would be happy to share some tips. Feel free to drop me an email (my email link is on the main page of this website), and I'll tell you what I can.



  3. Hi,

    i would love to own this pen... how much it cost ?

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thanks, Sami! Please feel free to send me an email, and we can talk. My email address is on the main page on my website. :-)