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A Little About My Pens: I love doing fine work on the lathe, which is what got me into this work. That is, I enjoy the focus on the details of a project - the material and colour selection, the form, the fit and finish of the pen. I also test all of the my nibs before shipping. I fill the converter, run ink through the nib and feed, and write with it. I spend a significant amount of time smoothing and adjusting the nib of every pen that I sell. My goal, with each pen that I make, is to create a writing piece whose fit and finish will impress you when you first pull it out of the packing, and that will serve you well as a great writer when you fill it up with your favourite ink.

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-Ken Cavers

Friday, 24 October 2014

Turquoise Cebloplast FP in a Duofold-Like Style

Here's a cool material that I picked up some time ago - some vintage Cebloplast, made by Mazzucchelli of Italy.  From what I have read, this particular stock is vintage, dating to circa 1950's.  Cebloplast is a material called cellulose acetate, which was first developed in the 1860's, and became fairly common between the first and second world wars.   It was cellulose acetate that replaced the previously used (and highly combustible) nitrocellulose in film production.

One of the things I really like about this plastic is its low melting point, which allows for a truly brilliant polish.  But then, one of the things that I really hate about this stuff is the low melting point - drilling is very, very tricky…

The new owner of this pen expressed interest in the Parker Duofold style of pen, so I thought I would do something similar to that.  It is very similar in size to my 'Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen' style, but with a barrel that doesn't have the taper to allow for posting

At the request of the buyer, the nib has been ground to a cursive italic broad for some very enjoyable writing.

I've decided that this material is my new favourite, and will have to keep some of this for a pen for good old me…

Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Colour Splash Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen

Here is another one of my SPFP (Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen) style pens, this one done in another of Jonathon Brooks's lovely alumilite pours.  This one (which he calls Primary Manipulation), is one I have used before, but thanks tot he nature of the material and the array of colours that go into it, each blanks looks quite different from the last.

This particular pen has been fitted with  steel JoWo nib in Broad, that has been custom ground to  a cool smooth stub.

Well, there you have it.



Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Two-Pen Order: Tiger Stripey Long Cigar and Orange Crush Classic - with Pen Rests!

Hello fellow fountain pen folks.  Here are a couple of new pens that I finished this past week, a two-pen order for husband and wife.

The first is a 'Long Cigar' style fountain pen in what I have been calling 'tiger stripy' acrylic - a lovely material with depth and pearlescence, combined with the rugged durability of acrylic.  Nice material indeed.  The fellow who ordered it wanted it to be longer than my usual Cigar style, so this one measures a whopping 150mm (6 inches) uncapped!   Very comfortable for larger hands…
As requested, I have a made a matching pen rest for it as well.

The nib is a fine steel JoWo nib, and the fill system is cartridge/converter.

The second pen in the set is one of my 'Classic' style pens, but with a barrel diameter just slightly thinner than usual, by request.  This one is done up in the popular 'orange crush' acrylic, and has also been fitted with a fine JoWo steel nib, and has a matching pen rest.

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, 9 October 2014

'Lava Flow' Cigar Style Fountain Pen

Here is one that I just finished last night for a colleague who is busy celebrating the birth of his twins!  His request was for a Cigar style pen, which is one of my favourites - especially when combined with a beautiful resin, as the simple unassuming shape with its smooth curves and gentle taper doesn't distract from the beauty of the material from which it is made.

The material from which this one was made is another of Jonathon Brooks's lovely alumilite creations, to which I am rapidly becoming addicted.  This one, sold as 'alternative combustion' (as opposed to his original 'combustion') I just have to rename 'Lava Flow' for my pen.  It deserved a cool handle - its pearly depth combined with the rich red and black swirls completely catches and hold the eye!

So now I just finished smoothing and tuning the medium steel JoWo nib, enjoying writing with it for a while, and will be packing this one off to Montréal shortly.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Purpleweb Celluloid Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen

Been a while since I turned any celluloid (so busy with all the alumilite lately)!  Here is an order I received - like most of my orders - some time ago.  The order was for one of my SPFPs, only made in celluloid.  Well, celluloid is rather hard to come by in Canada, as I think I might have mentioned - in fact, there are no suppliers of it in this country at all, to my knowledge.  So, once again, this had to come from the US, and unfortunately this means a bit of a hassle because being nitro celluloid (and thus rather vigorously combustible), it needs to be handled specially to go across the border.  Long and short is that I rarely ever get any real celluloid to turn.   What a treat!!  When turning it, or sanding it, the whole workshop fills with the powerful scent of camphor, giving the strong impression of being covered in Vics Vapo Rub :-))

Anyhow, here it is, decked out with silver coloured hardware, featuring a medium steel JoWo nib, ready to smooth and tune.

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, 27 September 2014

'Cenote' Cone-End Cigar - trying another new (for me) material

This material was picked out by the customer, who wanted something cool and blue-green.  This 'Cenote' blank (from slabsblanksandboards.com) fits the bill perfectly.   What alumilite loses in the 'gloss' factor, it more than gains in the brilliance of colours and pearlescence it can have.

As per request, I have turned these Cenote blanks into one of my Cone-Ended Cigar style pens.  I have installed a 1.1mm stub for the photo shoot, and the converter is installed inside.

Thanks for looking!


Friday, 26 September 2014

Today's Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen - Another Inlay

I totally forgot that I had this lovely material!  I had a request for a green and black pen, so went looking through my supplies, and came across this material that I had obtained quite some time back, but had never tried turning and finishing.

So, I gave it a go on this 'Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen', done in the same style as a few of my recent ones, with the black finial and the barrel-end inlay to tie the pen together visually.  And what do you know - this resin is great!   It has a very cool pearly look to it, and the veins of black in it make it look a lot like marble.

I have fitted this pen with a JoWo B nib for the pics, but the buyer will have a choice of nibs, which I will test, adjust and smooth (as always) prior to shipping.

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Couple of New Pens

Hello all!  Just a quick post before running off...

Here are two of my most recent pens, a two-pen order for a fellow that has been patiently waiting a terribly long time.

The first is a pen in my Classic style, created out of Charger Lava resin (which I have a few times called 'VanGogh' resin for its resemblance to the colours in his 'Starry night' painting).   I have down this pen up with a two-tone medium JoWo nib along with a gold coloured clip to match.

The second is made from the Ocean Lava resin, which to me is strongly reminiscent of 'Earth' colours.  This one is made in my Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen style, with black trim on the barrel end and cap finial.  As always, the SPFP posts securely for comfort and convenience during writing.

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Ocean Lava ('Earth') Shirt Pocket fountain Pen

Hello folks,

Here is another one I just finished last evening for a colleague who wanted a gift for a friend entering Law School.  Once again, best choice is something very practical, which is the 'Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen'.  This one is made using the 'Ocean Lava' alumilite resin from Bear tooth Woods, which may as well be called 'Earth' resin given the wonderfully geographical blues and greens.  The pen is fitted with a medium polished steel JoWo nib and a converter for filling.

Once again, I decided to tie the barrel to the body visually with a jewel inlay of the Ocean Lava on the barrel end.

The pen is now loaded up in a pen gift box, and ready to go.

Thanks for looking!


Monday, 1 September 2014

Charger Lava SPFP with Barrel-End Inlay!

Here's one that was fun to make.  I had an order for another 'Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen', from someone who previously ordered four of them as graduation gifts.  Seems he had yet another family member or friend graduating, so came to me for another one.  I figured I had better use a material that I did not use on any of the others, and this Charger Lava material (from Bear Tooth Woods) came to mind:

What I did a bit differently on this one was to add an axial inlay of Charger Lava to the end of the barrel, and then round the end.  The effect is rather strikingly jewel-like, and I am quite happy with it.

Like all my 'Shirt Pocket Fountain Pens', this pen is designed to allow the cap to be securely posted onto the end of the barrel while writing, so as to make this a comfortable, totally practical daily carry writer.  This pen is fitted with a medium steel JoWo nib, and a converter for filling.

Thanks for looking!