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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Micro Pocket Pen in Golden Smoke

Well, I thought I'd make another one of these before I forgot how I did the first one, and what size drills, taps, and dies I used on the first one.  Yes, I know - I could write it down.  But I didn't, so I figured I had better go through it all again to solidify the technique.  Maybe I will write it all down.  Later.

So once again, the 'Micro Pocket Pen' (or so I am calling it) is designed to be ultra-compact for easy portability in pocket or purse (personally, I use the little 'watch pocket' on the right side of my jeans).  It is a mere 85mm long when capped (about 3 3/8 inches), but expands to a nice 120mm (4 3/4 inches) when posted, which I find quite comfortable for long periods of writing, even with fairly large hands (excuse the inky fingers).

I used a couple of pieces of the Golden Smoke resin I picked up from Bear Tooth Woods, and framed them in black acrylic.  The nib is a single-tone medium polished steel JoWo nib (not sure why I didn't put a two-tone in here...maybe I will swap it out, now that I am thinking of it..).  The pen will of course not fit a converter, it is cartridge only.  Takes a standard size - I used a Private Reserve cartridge to size out the pen.

Thanks for looking!

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